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Release date: Spring 2024

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Calgary Screening

Join us for the exclusive screening of the ground-breaking documentary Covid Collateral, followed by a discussion and Q&A with renowned speakers:

Michelle Leduc Catlin, Moderator
Media Personality, Writer, 2023 National
Citizens Inquiry Spokesperson

Vanessa Dylyn
Emmy-Nominated Producer
Writer/Director Covid Collateral

John Carpay
Founder of Justice Centre
for Constitutional Freedoms

Catherine Christensen
Founder of Valour Legal
Action Centre

Dr. Eric Payne
Neurologist and Clinical
Researcher, FRCPC & CSCN


Wednesday, June 26 2024
Riviera Plaza & Conference
3515 26 St NE, Calgary

6:00 PM – Cocktail hour with speakers
7:00 PM – Introductions and screening
8:30 PM – Speakers discussion and Q&A


The human tragedies caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic will be counted for decades. Now, important questions are being asked about how much damage was caused by the public health measures implemented to suppress the virus, especially lockdowns. Covid Collateral is an investigative documentary which reveals that the severe lockdowns imposed by western governments were not driven by scientific consensus or accurate data. Instead, important scientific debate which would have served the public good, was shut down. How was the powerful medical establishment, big tech and the government involved in the suppression of prominent scientists who were critical of lockdowns? How did an unquestioning mainstream media support the government narrative?

The film begins when COVID met politics, as soon as the virus surfaced in Wuhan, China in late 2019. The Communist Party of China censored news about its spread and covered up evidence of its transmission. Dr. Anthony Fauci led a staunch campaign rejecting the “escaped from a lab in China” theory, publicly demonizing scientists/doctors who suspected the lab leak theory to be true. Now, through the Washington 2023-2024 hearings of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, this lab leak “conspiracy theory” has proven to be very credible.

What happens when science is censored in a free society?


With unfettered access to the leading dissenting doctors/scientists such as Jay Bhattacharya, Scott W. Atlas (Trump’s special advisor to the White House Coronavirus Task Force) and the journalists chosen by Elon Musk to curate the “Twitter Files”, we will expose the orchestrated take-down of esteemed medical figures, which extended throughout social media and in legacy media such as The New York Times and The Guardian.

“This whole lockdown philosophy has fundamentally changed our civilization. It will come back over and over again unless we, as a society, decide that we do not want to live this way.”

Jay Bhattacharya MD, Ph D
Professor of Health Policy, Stanford University


Vanessa Dylyn
Producer, Director and Writer

Billie Mintz
Co-Director & Co-Writer

Marcus Valentin
Editor and Co-Director

Issa Shah

Lydia Ainsworth

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